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Agar.io hack coins for ios,android & win (zoom,speed,invisibility,size)

Agar.io hack coins for ios,android & win (zoom,speed,invisibility,size)

Agar.io hack coins + other features like zoom,speed,invisibility,size

Agar.io hack tool is a new bookmarklet,safe & free (automatically created based on your username and IP – and can be used by Drag and Drop) working on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (8+), Safari, Netscape and SeaMonkey. Using this cheat you have guarantee that you will dominate the game and be nr. 1 on Leaderboard within minutes.




ZOOM: this feature will allow you to zoom the page and and see more than is allowed. Perhaps you’re asking who’s left/right to you, right? With zoom feature you can see it without your opponent knowing. Find the screenshot to see how it works.

SPEED: with agar.io speed hack feature you can easily grow up your speed when you are moving to slow. I recommend you to use it when your score is higher than 150. If you use it when your score is less than 150 you will move too quickly and can be caught.

DOUBLE SIZE: will double your score within every cells you eat. If you eat small cells your score will increase by 1, but if this feature is activated score will be increased by 2 within every cell. So, in this way 5 eaten cells means a score of 10, instead of 5.

INVISIBILITY: probably the best feature of this agar hack. With invisibility mode you can set opacity for your cell up to -10. In this way, other players will be harder to see you. Notice: this hack works better when your cell color is yellow and without username set (blank).


Agar.io becames a very popular game in the past days, but I’m sure there is stil a lot of people never heard about it. So guys, share this game on your social accounts, forums, chats or even call your friends & family. After I posted a full guide on how to play agar.io, i’ll show you new tips and tactics that made your play more easily. Before jumping to tips let me show you the gameplay.

Mass and Score: Your cell starts out with an (invisible) mass number of 10. Every little pellet you eat increases your mass by 1, and you lose mass over time at a rate which increases with your size, until you return to the base mass of 10. Your score is a record of the highest mass you have reached during the current play session. You can use score to keep track of your mass initially, but as you grow bigger/play longer it becomes less useful.

The leaderboards display which players have the most mass, not the highest scorers.

Viruses: are the green spiky star-things. If you’re smaller than them (generally less than ~100 mass) you can hide behind them. If you’re much bigger, they’ll pop you into smaller cells if you overlap them too much.

Grazing vs. Hunting: Eating pellets, which I refer to as grazing, tends to be most effective when you first start out, up until you reach between 300-400 mass. After that, the rate at which your cell loses mass becomes too great and outpaces your grazing gains. After this point, you will need to hunt other cells in order to grow larger.

In order to consume a cell you are hunting, you should generally have a radius at least somewhere (at a rough guesstimate) between 1/10 to 1/4 larger than the enemy cell. If you are significantly larger than the other cell, you can split (press SPACEBAR) to divide your cell into two halves and throw one half toward your cursor. If you are being chased and/or have been cornered by another cell, you can also split to try and save yourself from total destruction. As you grow larger, you become much slower, so it is easiest to run away from other cells when your components are small. Being very large also reduces your split-kill range.



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