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Monster Legends Hack Cheats – Get Free Gems for Monster Legends Game

Monster Legends Hack Cheats – Get Free Gems for Monster Legends Game

Monster Legends is the latest game released by Socialpoint and it became so popular that our Monster Legends hack tool is exactly what you need to prosper and evolve. Try our cheats and generate free gems for your account, spend them on everything you wish in order to fast level your dragons and monsters and win every single battle. Since you reached to our website you must be lacking gems and therefore you need something to help you. We have exactly what you need, with monster legends hack and cheats your full attention will be focused on more important things and not on how to get more gems.

monster legends hack cheats

About Monster Legends Game:

Overall this is a clone of Dragon City game from the same SocialPoint company but that features some improvements being better than the original in my opinion. The basics of the game are the same: instead of Dragons this time you’ll breed Monsters like Gorillas, Dinosaurs, Pandas, Thunderbirds, Turtles, etc and use them to fight. The mechanics are the same buy Habitats and Eggs, breed the Monsters in the Hatchery and combine the various elements to get better fighters. Most are the same elements Earth, Water, Nature, Thunder, Dark and you’ll also get the usual farms to grow food and feed the monsters, and get the money from the habitats. Add the Market, the Recruitment Tavern, Monsters Arena and the various to clean – bushes, rocks, trees.

What’s new: first the Worker Hut which brings you a worker to do the job. A second one can be bought but unfortunately not with gold but with the hard currency which again are the gems. Gems can be earned through tasks and leveling-up or bought on real money. As usual the gems are also used to enhance breeding and speed-up things. Another improvement goes on both PvE and PvP that allows your Monsters to gain XP and level-up, and learn different skills. Fighting goes in the Adventure Map (PvE) and Arena (PvP). You have 3 Stamina points each fight consuming 1 point but you can get more from friends. Another good thing is that you also get more XP from fighting so leveling-up goes faster than in Dragon City. Every won fight brings also various items and boosters, food, gold and gems.

The entire game is becoming thus a bit more alert and more entertaining. As in any social f2p having many friends counts.  So if you look for some easy going combat-management game this may be it.  With all of this said this is a great game and it could become very addictive so for those who want to boost their experience with this game our Monster Legends hack is a must and this way your progress will be boosted. Cheating gems isn’t enough so make sure to play along with as many friends as possible.


Monster Legends Hack Features:

The Monster Legends Hack is a tool we hard-worked on over the last 3 months so that we can accomplish all of our desires. The final product is one that we are proud of and we are sure that you will love it too. This app basically exploits a loophole found inside the code of this game and therefore is it possible to inject and modify certain database values such as the number of gems. After that we had to make sure that your account will be safe and here we made a lot of tests until we found that the best way to make our cheat safe is to add the gems in a dynamic way so when you close the game gems will be restored to their original value. This method is a drawback as you need to generate gems every time you enter the game but overall safety is more important and we are glad we can provide you a method to get the so important resources.

While safety was assured, we had to design the application itself so that everyone could use it without any programing/coding knowledge. We did this too, the user interface of our monster legends hack is very simple with only a few fields and variables provided to modification. All you will have to do is to download this software on your PC or IOS or Android device and use it to inject your desired gems.

Our cheat tool is perfect for everyone who desires to become a great player in a short time and also to be competitive for those who play this game even since it was released. This is your only chance to defeat old players. Enjoy this opportunity and breed some of the most powerful monsters and creatures, level them up fast and fight with them so you can defeat every enemy you encounter.



How to use it ?

You need to download our app from one of the links above according to your device (pc, iphone, ipad, android). If you downloaded it for IOS or Android make sure that you have the latest version of the game installed. For PC you need to have the game running in facebook in your browser. Now open the program you downloaded it, select the number of gems and hit the “Generate” button. Now refreh the game and voila…all your dreams came to life. If you are playing with friends you can also let them know about this Monster Legends hack so they can also enjoy the same power and play as equals. Good luck and enjoy this game to its full potential !



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