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Galaxy Life Hack Cheats Unlimited Free Galaxy Chips Trick

Galaxy Life Hack Cheats Unlimited Free Galaxy Chips Trick

Good news for all Galaxy Life players and fans, now you can get as many resources as you want with our Galaxy Life Hack Tool and more than that you can download this incredible software very easy so you can generate all the galaxy chips you need to grow your base and train your units. Gain a huge advantage in this game since with chips can be converted into coins and minerals so basically with this hack you will have all the resources you need to boost your buildings and your troops in a manner that wasn’t available to you before. Just try to imagine how many great things can be achieved once time will be the only factor to limit your progress.

galaxy life hack cheats


About Galaxy Life Game:

On a distant planet lives a race of creatures called Starlings. However an evil Starling named Firebit was born, who tried to take over the planet. Now he is after the escaped Starlings who managed to find safety on different planets. Protect against his attack by building and maintaining machines to defend the base. After you have fended off his assault, move onto the next planet to support the Starling resistance in destroying Firebit’s weapons. You will also embark on rescue missions whenever Starlings get kidnapped. This is a very addicting game and like most of fans say “ This is awesomeeeeee”. Galaxy Life can be played on various platforms, devices and operating systems. It can be played on various websites in online mode but most of the players use facebook. Since this can be played on so many environments  we had to work a bit longer to our Galaxy Life hack so we can provide support for all the websites where it is available so our cheat will help you no matter where you decide to enjoy this amazing product.


Galaxy Life Hack Features:

Like I mentioned above this game is available for it’s fans all over the world on some country specific websites like france where they are looking for “triche” or “pirater” or “astuce”, spain where they look for “trucos” and many other countries where people looks for cheats and hacks. Our team of coders managed to develop Galaxy Life hack application that has a brilliant system based on game code itself and not on platform or language based characteristics so no matter where you decide to play it you will be able to benefit free galaxy chips and use them how you wish.

This new Galaxy Life Hack works like a charm on all computers and devices such as Windows, Mac, Iphone, Android and is compatible with all browsers. All you have to do is to download our cheat tool and add unlimited chips to your account so you can boost your gaming experience to a new level. We also assure our visitors that safety is one of the most important factors and we can guarantee, based on intensive testing, that our Galaxy Life Hack is 100% safe to use and you don’t risk being detected or being banned. This is why our community is so pleased by our work. You can also be among this happy users who cheat and enjoy games more than ever.

Don’t waste your time anymore and learn how to improve your gaming skills with our Galaxy Life hack cheats so with free chips whenever you need build a powerful base and defend against the most powerful enemies. So if you intend to rank well start cheating now in this popular browser game


How it Works ?

First you need to download galaxy life hack tool from the link above and unzip it to your computer. Open the app. In order to inject chips you need to have the game opened in your browser so after that you can click the “Detect Game” and our tool will detect the browser and website where you play it. After that select the amount of galaxy chips you want to add to the game and now all you have to do is to click “Generate” and enjoy this cool game to new level. As you can see we build a simple GUI so that everyone can use it, more than that a multilanguage option is available for a various list of countries and languages all over the world.

Great news for IOS users, for those who play Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures on Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch we also developed a hack tool that is even easier to use then the pc one. For this download it from the link above and open it on you device, then select number of chips and hit Generate.


Note: We recommend you to play Galaxy Life on Facebook because this is the best platform and you will also be able to play along with your friends so your experience will be even better near your fb friends.

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