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Minions Paradise Hack | Unlimited Doubloons & Sand Dollars Cheat

Minions Paradise Hack | Unlimited Doubloons & Sand Dollars Cheat

Minions Paradise Hack tool is here, is here again for you. We listened to your requests and we finally managed to finish this awesome hack tool. From now on you won’t be worried ever again about doubloons, sand dollars or coconuts. With our Minions Paradise hack you can get as many resources as you wish. This is not all, along with the doubloons hack, sand dollars hack we also have included 2 other great features: double xp and unlock all stuff. What do you think about that ? Just imagine what you can do with this amazing features and what an island you can build. All minions will love your island and they will party like they never did before.

Minions Paradise Hack


Game Details

Join the Minions on the vacation of a lifetime. Watch Phil who accidentally sinks an entire cruise ship carrying his vacationing Minion buddies. To redeem himself, Phil must turn a deserted tropical island into the perfect vacation destination. Illumination Entertainment – the creators of the MINIONS movie – and EA invite you to help Phil build his ultimate Minions Paradise.

Break out the tiny umbrellas and crack open some coconuts. Phil’s turning the island into a party-paradise, and you’re invited – along with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob from the MINIONS movie. Help Phil throw incredible Minion parties and transform your island into the perfect getaway. Pass the flamethrower!

Customize your island with hot tubs, hammocks, and beach volleyball courts, all with brand-new Minion animations. Plant firefly trees, harness power from electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas to make an unforgettable island for Phil and his Minion buddies.

The more land you get, the more fun your Minions will have! You can also become an expert at alligator waterskiing, dive off waterslides, and much more.

All Minions need a villainous boss to serve! Help Phil to build a special party ground for all your favorite villains from the MINIONS movie. Help these villains enjoy paradise while putting their own dastardly plans into motion.


Minions Paradise Hack Characteristics & Features

More and more players asked us to develop a fully functional hack for Minions Paradise game. We had to delay this for some time because we were working on some other projects at that time. But we never let our fans wait too long so in the last period we worked on it and now we areglad to bring you what you requested. Minions Paradise hack is now released to thepublic and can be downloaded from one of the links bellow.

Minions Paradise Hack Tool

What can you do with our hack ? Well we included some great features into this tool and is like a multifunctional hack tool. The Minions Paradise hack includes a  doubloons hack, sand dollars hack, coconuts hack, xp hack and it will also unlock all the stuff. You can use the hack for both Android and IOS devices without restriction, you only need to download the cheat from one of the links bellow according to your device.


One of things we had in mind when we started to work on this was the user interface. A simple and intuitive ui is something every app must include. Ours is no exception, we created a very easy to use interface that can be used very easy by everyone without the requirement of special coding knowledge. All you have to do is to fill the number of doubloons, sand dollars and coconuts you want and then just hit tap the “Hack!” button. Just as simple as that.

Why to spend so many real money on  doubloons and sand dollars when you can generate them for free in just a few minutes. You can build a dream island in no time and make you favorite minions party like they never did before. This way you can help Phil overpass his mistake and make the tropical island a party paradise for all the minions.

Minions Paradise hack tool was voted by our fans as the best cheat available for this game and as a result we had a huge number of downloads since the release. You can also be among those who enjoy a better gaming experience




Q: How many doubloons and sand dollars can I generate?

A: You can generate up to 999 999 doubloons and dollars with a single use because this is the maximum amount of resources you can have at one time. When you consume this you can use the hack again and refill your resources. You can do this as many times as you wish. All we want is to keep the minions happy and party all day long.


Q: Can I play this game on pc ?

A: EA only released this game for IOS and Android and this is a question you must address to them. However we can suggest you an emulator that can allow you to play mobile games on PC. It is called Bluestacks and you can find more details about it at this link.


Q: I own a Samsung Galaxy S4, will it work on my phone ? I must mention that the game is running well on it.

A: As long as you can play the game on your device Minions Paradise hack will also work without problems on it.


Q: I am from USA and when I click the download link I am redirected to another page. I don’t know what I should to start the download, can you help me?

A: After you click on the download link (make sure you click the good link according to your device – Android or IOS) you will be redirected to the download page. There you will have to complete a third party survey. Please follow the survey instructions and don’t use fake informations. After you finish it your download will start automatically.


Q: I downloaded the ios version of the hack and I also have the game installed. Do I need to have the game opened when i generate my doubloons? … I just want to be sure before using it..

A: No, you can run this hack with or without having the game already opened. It doesn’t matter you will receive the selected boosts in both cases.



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Minions Paradise Hack | Unlimited Doubloons & Sand Dollars Cheat

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