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SimCity BuildIT Hack Tool that cheats unlimited SimCash and Gold

SimCity BuildIT Hack Tool that cheats unlimited SimCash and Gold

Good news, EA recently released a new game. Since most of their games are very addictive cheats are the way to go for them so we present you the SimCity BuildIT Hack Tool. Just like the previous EA games this one requires a lot of resources to achieve the top builder rank. We all know how important could be that SimCash once you reach a certain level, this is why a cheat willboost your gaming experience and will let you expand the city without limitations. Simply try this amazing tool and you won’t imagine playing Simcity BuildIT without it.

SimCity BuildIT Hack Cheats


SimiCity BuildIT is the most realistic city builder game from released for mobile platforms. Available for both Android and IOS devices this game provides an incredible experience for it’s fans. Become the mayor of your own city. Strategically place buildings so that you keep your citizens happy and collect more Simoleons to expand even more. You can create and trade resources with your friends, you can unlock exclusive buildings like Big Ben, The Arc of Triomphe or even unleash natural disasters, all of this with stunning 3D graphics. Be a good strategist and try as much as possible to keep your citizens happy by providing them access to utilities, provide them an unpolluted town, give them ease access to services and also make the town nice and decorated to keep them happy. In return they will pay you higher taxes.


SiCity BuildIT Hack Features

SimCity BuildIt Hack Tool

SimCity BuildIT Hack is a cheating tool that allow players to generate for their account a huge amount of SimCash. This is the main game currency and can only be get via in game purchases. Our cheat tool provides you with a free solution for this currency. Once you have this hack you can insert into your game 9,999,999 SimCash and forget about any limitations. You can now build as much as you want as fast as you want. As you know simcash can be converted into simoleons. (Simoleons are also known as gold)

At some point our developers team wanted to also add an experience hack to this tool but our beta testers suggested that this will kill the game joy. In the end we decided to respect the community opinion and release it without such a feature. In the future if the community changes it’s mind we could implemented.

Our SimCity BuildIT hack is available for both Android and IOS platforms, it comes with an easy to use interface and also with a small help guide for beginers. You simply need to download the cheat app for your device (from one of the links bellow) and install it. Once you done it simcash can be generated in less then a minute.

Among our priorities when creating this hack was security. We had to be sure that our users won’t get banned for using this hack. After several tests our team created a simple script that will make the use of our SimCity BuildIT Hack untrackable. This way we can guarantee you 100% safety.


Hack Tool Features:

  • Get unlimited amounts of SimCash with our easy to use app.

  • Convert SimCash to Simoleons using the ingame tool.

  • Build your dream city without being limited by any resources.

  • Keep your citizens happy very easy.

  • Achieve all of this without using inapp purchases.



Frequently asked questions:


Q: This SimCity BuildIT Hack is safe to use ?

A: Yes, it can’t be tracked.


Q: Do I need to start the game from level 1 when using this cheat?

A: No, the desired simcash wil get generated into your account without any other requirements.


Q: My phone is not jailbreaked, will it still work ?

A: SimCity BuildIT Cheats will work on both moded and original versions of Android and IOS.


Q: Can I generate more then once those 9,999,999 simcash ?

A: Yes, you can do this as many times as you wish, thou you won’t need it too often.


Q: Do I need to download this hack to a pc and then connect my phone with usb ?

A: No, you can download this directly to your smartphone.


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SimCity BuildIT Hack Tool that cheats unlimited SimCash and Gold

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